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Support Engineering
T ICO progression architecture support.png
Nb of skills
Nb of bonuses
Total Cost
10160 FLOPs

Complete Support Engineering tree

The Support Engineering tree is a collection of building skills and bonuses in the Skilltree of Memories of Mars.

This tree unlocks skills for building pillars and stairs for your base.

Support Engineering skills[]

List of skills unlocked in the Support Engineering tree :

Icon Name Description Skill cost Schematic
Pillar Pillar Pillar (T1). 40 no
Reinforced Pillar Reinforced Pillar Pillar (T2). 160 no
Fortified Pillar Fortified Pillar Pillar (T3). 640 Fortified Pillar schematic
Pillar Base Pillar Base Pillar (T1). 80 no
Reinforced Pillar Base Reinforced Pillar Base Pillar (T2). 320 no
Fortified Pillar Base Fortified Pillar Base Pillar (T3). 1280 Fortified Pillar Base schematic
Staircase Staircase Stairs (T1). 80 no
Reinforced Staircase Reinforced Staircase Stairs (T2). 320 no
Fortified Staircase Fortified Staircase Stairs (T3). 1280 Fortified Staircase schematic

Support Engineering bonuses[]

Icon Name Description Nb of bonuses Amount /bonus Total bonus Total cost
Building Cost Building Cost Decreases the amount of resources required for building support elements. 10 -5% -50% 3090
Structure Increase Structure Increase Increases the hit points of support elements. 10 +5% +50% 2970