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Ordnance Manufacturing
T ICO progression fabrication ordenance.png
Nb of skills
Nb of bonuses
Total Cost
13590 FLOPs

Complete Ordnance Manufacturing tree

The Ordnance Manufacturing tree is a collection of crafting skills and bonuses in the Skilltree of Memories of Mars.

This tree unlocks skills for explosives.

Ordnance Manufacturing skills[]

List of skills unlocked in the Ordnance Manufacturing tree :

Icon Name Description Skill cost Schematic
Signal Flare Signal Flare Illuminates an area for a limited amount of time. 80 no
Smoke Grenade Smoke Grenade Creates a dense smoke screen. 160 no
Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation Grenade Uses a time fuze. 320 no
Concussion Grenade Concussion Grenade Uses a time fuze. 1280 Concussion Grenade schematic
Percussion Grenade Percussion Grenade Explodes on impact. 160 no
Hesh Grenade Hesh Grenade Explodes on impact. Effective against structures. 640 no
Demolition Charge Demolition Charge Heavy explosive. Very effective against structures. 2560 Demolition Charge schematic
Trip Mine Trip Mine Anti-personnel mine. 640 no
Explosive Charge Explosive Charge Heavy explosive. Delivers massive damage within a widespread area. 1280 Explosive Charge schematic

Ordnance Manufacturing bonuses[]

Icon Name Description Nb of bonuses Amount /bonus Total bonus Total cost
Crafting Cost Crafting Cost Decreases the amount of resources required for crafting grenades and explosives. 10 -2.5% -25% 2690
Damage Increase Damage Increase Increases the damage dealt by grenades and explosives against structures. 2 +12.5% +25% 2240
Effect Duration Effect Duration Increases the duration of grenades and explosives effects. 5 +10% +50% 500
Effect Radius Effect Radius Increases the area affected by grenade and explosive effects. 5 +5% +25% 1120