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Optics Design
T ICO progression fabrication optic.png
Nb of skills
Nb of bonuses
Total Cost
11520 FLOPs

Complete Optics Design tree

The Optics Design tree is a collection of crafting skills and bonuses in the Skilltree of Memories of Mars.

This tree unlocks skills for optics weapon attachments.

Optics Design skills[]

List of skills unlocked in the Optics Design tree :

Icon Name Description Skill cost Schematic
Reflex Sight Reflex Sight Close range optics. 160 no
Panoramic Sight Panoramic Sight Close range optics. 640 no
2x Scope 2x Scope Medium range optics. 320 no
2x Holo Sight 2x Holo Sight Medium range optics. 1280 2x Holo Sight schematic
Binoculars Binoculars Long range binoculars. 160 no
4x Scope 4x Scope Long range optics. 640 no
8x Scope 8x Scope Long range optics. 2560 8x Scope schematic
Laser Sight Laser Sight Salvaging tool. 320 no
Target Designator Target Designator Weaponized nail gun. 1280 Target Designator schematic

Optics Design bonuses[]

Icon Name Description Nb of bonuses Amount /bonus Total bonus Total cost
Aiming Speed Aiming Speed Increases the speed of aiming down sights while using optics. 10 +2.5% +25% 2720
Optics Crafting Cost Optics Crafting Cost Decreases the amount of resources required of crafting optics. 5 -5% -25% 1600