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Marksman Specialization
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Nb of bonuses
Total Cost
69600 FLOPs

Complete Marksman Specialization tree

The Marksman Specialization tree is a collection of crafting skills and bonuses in the Skilltree of Memories of Mars.

This tree unlocks skills for sniper weapons, ammos and attachments.

Marksman Specialization skills[]

List of skills unlocked in the Marksman Specialization tree :

Icon Name Description Skill cost Schematic
.416 Low-Grade .416 Low-Grade Sniper ammunition (T1).
Limited combat effiency.
160 no
.416 FMJ .416 FMJ Sniper ammunition (T2).
Standard issue.
640 no
.416 Armor-Piercing Incendiary .416 Armor-Piercing Incendiary Sniper ammunition (T3).
Effective against hard targets.
2560 .416 Armor-Piercing Incendiary schematic
HV-8 Slayer HV-8 Slayer Standard issue compact sniper rifle (T1). 160 no
HV-64 Eliminator HV-64 Eliminator Enhanced sniper rifle (T2). 640 no
HV-343 Annihilator HV-343 Annihilator High-grade sniper rifle (T3). 2560 HV-343 Annihilator schematic
Extended .416 Barrel Extended .416 Barrel Enhanced sniper barrel (T2).
Increases weapon accuracy.
1280 Extended .416 Barrel schematic
Super-Extended .416 Barrel Super-Extended .416 Barrel High-grade sniper barrel (T3).
Increases weapon accuracy.
5120 Super-Extended .416 Barrel schematic
.416 Muzzle Brake .416 Muzzle Brake High-grade sniper barrel (T3).
Increases weapon accuracy and control.
5120 .416 Muzzle Brake schematic
Extended .416 Magazine Extended .416 Magazine Enhanced sniper magazine (T2).
Increases ammo capacity (8).
1280 Extended .416 Magazine schematic
Extended .416 Quickdraw Magazine Extended .416 Quickdraw Magazine High-grade sniper magazine (T3).
Increases ammo capacity (8) and reload speed.
5120 Extended .416 Quickdraw Magazine schematic
.416 Snail-Drum Magazine .416 Snail-Drum Magazine High-grade sniper magazine (T3).
Increases ammo capacity (10).
5120 .416 Snail-Drum Magazine schematic
Riot Shield Riot Shield Portable barricade. 640 no
Ballistic Shield Ballistic Shield Deflects incoming projectiles. 2560 Ballistic Shield schematic

Marksman Specialization bonuses[]

Icon Name Description Nb of bonuses Amount /bonus Total bonus Total cost
Control Control Increases the control of sniper rifles. 5 +5% +25% 8320
Crafting Amount Crafting Amount Increases the amount of sniper rifle ammunition crafted. 5 +10% +50% 3200
Crafting Cost Crafting Cost Decreases the amount of resources required for crafting sniper rifles. 5 -5% -25% 13600
Durability Durability Increases the hit points the sniper rifles. 5 +5% +25% 3880
Reload Speed Reload Speed Increases the reload speed of sniper rifles. 5 -5% -25% 7640