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Electrical Engineering
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Nb of skills
Nb of bonuses
Total Cost
2020 FLOPs

Complete Electrical Engineering tree

The Electrical Engineering tree is a collection of building skills and bonuses in the Skilltree of Memories of Mars.

This tree unlocks skills for building electrical devices in your base.

Electrical Engineering skills[]

List of skills unlocked in the Electrical Engineering tree :

Icon Name Description Skill cost Schematic
Administration Terminal Administration Terminal Protects connected building parts from being dismantled. 0 no
Cloning Chamber Cloning Chamber Allows players to respawn at this location. 80 no
Storage Container Storage Container Storage container (T1). 40 no
Large Storage Container Large Storage Container Storage container (T2). 160 no
Storage Vault Storage Vault Storage container (T3). 640 no
Storage Box Storage Box Portable storage. 160 no
Ceiling Light (Square) Ceiling Light (Square) Light. 80 no
Flood Light Flood Light Light. 160 no
Holographic Screen Holographic Screen Billboard capable to display text messages. 160 no

Electrical Engineering bonuses[]

Icon Name Description Nb of bonuses Amount /bonus Total bonus Total cost
Building Cost Building Cost Decreases the amount of resources required for building devices. 5 -10% -50% 135
Structure Increase Structure Increase Increases the hit points of devices. 5 +10% +50% 405