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Slow, Huge Fire Power

B3-HE-M0-TH (BEHEMOTH) is a Boss robot in Memories of Mars.

The boss was previously called the Juggernaut in season 8 (november 2019 - march 2020) prior to the official release v1.0.

Respawn time : 1 hour.


The Behemoth is located in the center of the Haas Crater.

It will only fight inside the crater and can't go outside.

Behemoth in crater


Once the Behemoth is defeated, use your Cutting Torch to scavenge the Boss' heart and 5 broken parts around (worm-like corpses aka tentacles).

Loot table Heart Broken parts
900-1500 T ICO item flops.png FLOPs

10-20 T ICO Resource elektron ingot.png Elektron

10-20 T ICO titan ingot.png Titanium

Behemoth's heart Behemoth's tentacles


First things first, the boss is not hard to kill. It just needs method and time. Even for a solo player.

Be prepared[]

Shooting places behind rocks and crouching

Behemoth's weak spots

Behemoth's destruction

  • Build a base outside crater with several Cloning Chambers. Ideally 2 cloning chambers by player. If you die and respawn, the cloning chamber will have a 3-minute timer. So switch cloning chamber after each death.
  • Don't build base defense inside crater, the Boss will destroy it with missiles, nuclear bomb and smash it on physical contact.
  • Stuff :
    • Armors : T2 armors (Executors) are enough, but T3 is of course better. Better armors means less medics. As aiming is important, the use of the Vanguard gloves are a must (big weapon control bonus).
    • Weapons : T2 weapons are ok, but T3 will make the fight quicker. Best weapons are : BR-400 Redeemer for long distance, Bane/Shredder for mid distance, and any weapons for short distance. Sniper rifles are too slow (waste of time). Crossbow is very slow but do lot of damage if used with Explosive Bolts (as it damages every weak spots).
    • Ammos : As well, T2 ammos are ok, but T3 are of course better. If you try it for the first time take as much ammos as you can (like 5000).
    • Medics : Take enough Adrenaline Shots/Sprays/Medpacks but don't worry if you die you can come back quick from your nearby Cloning Chamber and continue the fight.
  • If you are a group, each player should choose a different rock in the crater to hide behind as a shooting place. Because nuclear bombs can kill several players at a time (one shot most of the time).

Starting combat[]

  • By default, the boss is sleepy. A player has to awake it by running very close to it.
  • Once awake, the boss will take 3 seconds before shooting... a nuclear bomb on the player! So this player has to run back as soon as possible behind the closest rock in the center of the crater.


  • The boss is only vulnerable on 5 weaks spots : red dots on its belt, behind its knees, under its chin (see screenshot). So it's no need to fire like hell on the boss. Every player should aim quietly at these red dots (ammos are costy, save them).
  • The boss will continuousy attack every players simultaneously with its machine guns and rockets. The nuclear bomb is usually for the player doing most damage. If he stays behind the rock, bomb will do no damage.

There are 3 phases which indicate the boss state of health :

  • Phase 1 : no apparent damage
  • Phase 2 : it starts to sparkle and smoke
  • Phase 3 : it sends shells in the air that falls on the ground like mini-nuclear bombs


  • Stay crouched behind your rock, even when you shoot on the side of the rock.
  • If you keep your position behind your rock, they should not suffer from phase 3 bombs.
  • If the boss comes too close to your rock, then change rock by running fast. Else the boss will smash you with its feet (instant death, no heal possible, i.e. direct to cloning chamber).
  • If you team with other players, the player/clan who did most damage will be able to loot the boss.


Solo fights vs B3-HE-M0-TH[]

Video courtesy of ArnoldXD.

Video courtesy of Nexus-6.

Video courtesy of DierbetteBeer.