Memories of Mars Wiki

The following is a list of Achievements available for Memories of Mars. There are 37 available achievements.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
All your Flops belong to me.jpg All your Flops belong to me Receive 100% of Flops from a Do you wish to register event.
Apprentice Architect.jpg Apprentice Architect Learn all Tier 1 Architect recipes.
Apprentice Artisan.jpg Apprentice Artisan Learn all Tier 1 Artisan recipes.
Big Spender.jpg Big Spender Earn 3000 Survival points
Breath.jpg Breath Replenish your o2 bar to full using Oxygen Pipeline. (Not canisters).
Burn the Planet down.jpg Burn the Planet down Kill a Scuttlers (get the killing blow)
Can O’ Air.jpg Can O’ Air Fill your o2 gauge to max with an Oxygen Canister (Inventory item, not pipeline).
Certainly not a Dinosaur.jpg Certainly not a Dinosaur Kill a Mantis. (get the killing blow).
Fully restored, I remember now.jpg Fully restored, I remember now Unlock/purchase all character progression nodes.
Have I been here.jpg Have I been here? Collect your saved Flops from the memory lab in the following season
How did you manage that.jpg How did you manage that? Survive a full season of Mars without killing another player
I am not alone.jpg I am not alone Join an Alliance.
I hate Snakes.jpg I hate Snakes Kill a Serpentes (get the killing blow).
I like big bases and I cannot lie.jpg I like big bases and I cannot lie I like big bases and I cannot lie
I’M ALIVE.jpg I’M ALIVE?! Respawn at a stasis chamber.
Journeyman Architect.jpg Journeyman Architect Journeyman Architect
Journeyman Artisan.jpg Journeyman Artisan Learn all Tier 2 Artisan recipes.
Lets’ begin.jpg Lets’ begin Craft a Pistol.
Look up!.jpg Look up! Kill a Scuttlers whilst it is clinging to a surface
Master Architect.jpg Master Architect Learn all Tier 3 Architect recipes.
Master Artisan.jpg Master Artisan Learn all Tier 3 Artisan recipes.
No more Jumping for you.jpg No more Jumping for you Kill 100 Scuttlers.
Now you see it, now you don’t.jpg Now you see it, now you don’t Kill 100 Mantis.
O, that’s what it is.jpg O, that’s what it is Decrypt a blueprint.
Paint the Planet red.jpg Paint the Planet red Kill another player.
Shimmer shimmer chicken dinner.jpg Shimmer shimmer chicken dinner Kill a Mantis while it's invisible
That’s where I left it.jpg That’s where I left it Retrieve inventory items that were put into the time capsule in the next season
The Final Frontier.jpg The Final Frontier Exit the Cloning Facility.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.jpg There are many like it, but this one is mine Craft a Rifle.
They in the wrong hood.jpg They in the wrong hood Deal 50000 damages to player structures.
They’ll never see it coming.jpg They’ll never see it coming Craft a Sniper.
They’re Minerals!.jpg They’re Minerals! Mine 1000 resources with the mining tool
This Rocks.jpg This Rocks Collect 500 Iron Ore
Those Bastard Sand Snakes.jpg Those Bastard Sand Snakes Kill 100 Serpentes.
Treat Yourself.jpg Treat Yourself Spend 5000 Survival points.
Up close and personal.jpg Up close and personal Craft a Shotgun.
Ye, there is gravity.jpg Ye, there is gravity Die from falling damage.